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Cash Flow Problems?     Personnel Problems?     Overhead Concerns?

Whether it’s because of increased activity, personnel problems or routine office interruptions, a busy office can fall behind, particularly on tracking unpaid claims. And sometimes things can get out of hand without anyone realizing it.

MedClaims Management has been solving billing problems for medical practices in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania since 1998. We’re a full service medical billing company that can start processing your claims tomorrow: filing, posting, mailing statements and following up on unpaid claims.

As a medical billing company, our only job is processing your claims and making sure they’re paid. We aren’t interrupted to fill in at the front desk and we don’t even take up space in your office. We’re only paid to produce. And we’re not going to jump to another job or take an extended maternity leave.

So if your bottom line is suffering, whether because of diminished cash flow or rising personnel costs, contact us today. We’re a medical billing service that can help your practice.

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“By using MedClaims Management, the entire billing process is kept out of the office. Everything gets paid that can be paid and we don’t have to worry about it. I’d recommend MedClaims Management to any medical practice.”—Bob Binkin, Business Manager // Tatyana Goldman, MD.


“Since MedClaims Management has been handling our billing, claims have always been filed on time and our turn around time has been excellent. I’m thoroughly satisfied with MedClaims performance and would recommend them to any  provider.—Kenneth E. Lockhart, Osborne Mobile Diagnostic Services


“An important reengineering principle is that companies should focus on their core competencies and outsource everything else.”
—-Bill Gates, Business @ the Speed of Thought