Frequently Asked Questions

Are all claims filed electronically?
Most are, although there are still a few carriers that require paper claims.

Is electronic billing safe?
Yes, all data is entered into the software and saved and there are no papers to get lost in the mail or elsewhere.

What information do you need to file claims?
The first thing we need is information on your practice. After that, the first time a patient is entered, we need a copy of your patient demographic sheet and a copy of both sides of the patient’s insurance ID card. After that, a copy of your superbill or a daily claim sheet that we can design for your practice may be faxed. Next, the data is entered into our software, edited for errors and filed immediately to the insurance carriers. Within 24 hours, a confirmation report is issued and if there are any rejections, the claim is corrected and refiled immediately. Incidentally, our rejection rate is under 1%.

Do you also file secondary claims?
Yes, some electronically.

What about patient collections?
We also send out patient statements. We work with your practice to decide which delinquent accounts to send to a collection agency and which to pursue with other means. If a patient is making monthly payments, a statement will be issued until the balance is paid.

Can you just file primary or primary and secondary claims?

Can you do the follow up on past outstanding claims?
Yes, frequently an office is pressed for time and neglects to pursue past unpaid claims. Thousands of dollars may be involved. We can make arrangements to try to resolve them.

What about patient billing inquiries?
We can handle patient questions or a regularly updated version of our software can be installed in your computer so that you’ll have the necessary information to answer them. The charge for this version of the software is, at present, $750.

Where do the insurance checks go?
The checks are sent to your office and then the EOB’s are forwarded to us for posting.

What are your charges?
If we’re doing full practice billing for you, we charge a percentage of receipts, usually from 3% to 8% depending on volume, average amount collected per claim and mix of insurance companies. If we’re just filing primary or primary and secondary claims, we charge $3.00 to $4.00 per claim or a flat monthly rate.

Is there a set-up fee?
No, the only initial charge would be for a copy of our practice management software if desired.

How soon can you begin to process claims?
After filing the initial enrollment papers, we can begin filing your commercial carrier claims within a week. Medicare, Railroad Medicare and Blue Shield usually take less than two weeks to process the information.

What reports are available?
We offer a full range of standard financial reports and can also design special reports for your practice. Reports are usually issued monthly, but can be run quarterly or for whatever time period they’re needed.

Do you offer an electronic patient scheduler?
Yes, it’s easy to use and is included with the practice version of our software. It can also be used to schedule examining rooms, medical equipment or anything else.

What is a Fee Analysis?
We check your procedure code charges annually to make sure you’re receiving maximum reimbursement.

Can you handle claims from other states?
Yes, we can process claims from anywhere in the United States.

In what specialties do you have experience?
Internal medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, surgery and radiology. However, probably 95% of medical insurance billing is handling the billing correctly. The intricacies of separate specialties can be learned fairly quickly.

How can I get more information?
Just call 412-831-1722 or 800-293-9013 or e-mail us at